Time for Spring Cleaning

Time for Spring Cleaning

It’s officially spring and you know what that means…time for spring cleaning! In reality, spring cleaning can really help to make an effective and productive office move. Why spend the time and money moving items that you don’t really need?

Think About the Bigger Picture

Often offices spend time encouraging their staff to get rid of papers and little items before packing up. However, these are not the items that take up big space when it comes to an office move. Offices should be thinking about what furniture should they be getting rid of, what big bulky items do they not need, etc.

Decide why you are doing spring cleaning

Is it because of an upcoming move or just because your office effectiveness has been hindered by clutter? Are you getting ready for new team members to join and don’t currently have enough space for them? Regardless the reason, knowing your goal of spring cleaning in advance will make you more productive.

Don’t overdo it

Make sure you don’t get carried away on getting rid of items that you may end up needing. We’ve seen a lot of offices go through huge purges and once they get to their new location realize they could have used some of what they got rid of. While it is a waste to move items you don’t need, you don’t want to have to re-buy items you already have.

Understand your new space

There should be one person or a team dedicated to figuring out what you need in your new space and giving direction to everyone else on what to move and what to get rid of. This person or team should be very aware of the new space (measurements, furniture needs, etc.) to help the company move most effectively.

Create a guide for the rest of the office

Companies should make sure they are giving their teams direction on what to get rid of and what to keep. We have found creating a guide can be helpful to make sure there is no confusion.

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