Say Yes to Eco-Friendly Packing

Say Yes to Eco-Friendly Packing

Thanks to the consumers desire for convenient and environment-friendly products, commercial moving companies around the country are making the transition from cardboard boxes to reusable packing crates. These stackable, cardboard-free bins allow for an efficient and economical packing solution. At Washington Express Movers, we believe these bins are not only a great way to go green, but can also make your office transition easier.  Check out some of the benefits to using e-crates for your office move and see why you should ditch those cardboard boxes for good.

Cost efficient

Since e-crates are re-usable, there is no need to keep buying more.  The price of cardboard boxes may seem insignificant, but it can add up.  E-crates allow you to use fewer boxes and avoid disposal costs.  Plus, they are durable and long-lasting.  Most moving companies will even let you rent them for 2-week periods at a time.

Easy Assembly

Avoid the mess. With e-crates, tape isn’t necessary! That’s a win-win for you and the environment. Plus, they easily stack making it convenient for you to store until you are ready to start packing.

Safe Storage

Unlike cardboard boxes, e-crates are virtually “crushproof” under normal circumstances. By packing with e-crates you reduce your risk for item damage during the office move.

Easy Transport

Designed to be stackable, e-crates come with interlocking lids that allow you to shelf multiple crates on top of one another for more efficient transport. Assemble your stack on a dolly and easily roll your items into your new office. No heavy lifting! This makes e-crates both employee and mover friendly.

No Disposal

Dare we say the best part? No breaking down boxes and no trips to the dumpster! Break down and store for future use or schedule to have them picked up by your moving company.

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It’s a no-brainer why e-crates have become the #1 choice when it comes to efficient packing.  At Washington Express Movers, we’ll even drop-off and pick up your crates at your predetermined schedule.  This allows for less clutter, workplace disruption, and clean-up time.  We even offer full-service packing if you want the complete move done stress-free! Whatever your needs, you can count us to get the job done right. So call us today for your free quote and let’s get packing.