The Benefits of Office Relocation

The Benefits of Office Relocation

If you’ve been thinking for a little while about moving your office to a new space, it’s likely that anywhere online you’ve looked for information has told you about the stresses, headaches, and possible disasters that tend to ensue. However, we have found the office moves are exciting times filled will optimism from employers and employees alike! These moves tend to happen for a variety of reasons: from too many employees for your space to moving cities, we have heard it all. We have also seen many businesses use this moving opportunity to give their company and their office a much-needed makeover!

If you are ready to learn more about office relocation and why it’s an awesome idea, we are here to help. Contact Washington Express Movers today when you are ready to see how we can assist you and your employees!

Planning the Move

Office moves don’t have to be a massive pain, assuming that you take the necessary steps ahead of time to feel prepared and ready to go. If you give yourself plenty of time to plan the move or contact a moving company to assist, then moving day won’t be much of a hassle at all. Ahead of time, we recommend mapping out a budget and adhering to this budget for the entire process. We also believe you should keep a timeframe in mind. If you can only be shut down for a few hours, communicate that with your moving company! You may be able to move after business hours if this is the case.

When choosing your moving specialists, be sure to do your research. What companies can handle everything you need to be done? Call and ask around, but don’t forget to give Washington Express Movers a call, too! Many business owners like yourself will tell you to hire an external company, as these crews ensure that all the big decisions are up to you, but the heavy lifting is up to them.

Brand Enhancement

While you might see your move as just picking up items from point A and moving them to point B, we see it as an opportunity to enhance or adjust your brand. Believe it or not, your office space will reveal quite a bit about the overall attitude and values of the company. With a move, you have the option to update the aesthetics and keep them in line with what you want both your employees and customers to see when they look at your business. Don’t be afraid to hire an office design company to give you some guidance in the new space.

Innovative Working Adjustments

If there are any new work day procedures or tactics you want to try, a move might be the perfect chance to implement these changes. Get creative: tell your office interior designers that you want open working spaces, small acoustic rooms, and employee lunch areas! The employees will be interested in what changes you have made in the new building, as well as figuring out what their new work environment will be like.

Company Growth

Once you have more space, a nicer office, a better location, or all the above, it will be much easier to begin expanding your team. You might be closer to new talent at your new location, or maybe you just have more space to give everyone the desk they need! Keep in mind that companies that have moved to a new space that is seen as “better” will absolutely look more impressive to both clients and potential employees. It signals that your business is successful, growing, changing, and improving each and every day.

How to Handle the Transition

If you are ready to make the change to a new office space, you might be concerned about what your staff will think. This is especially true if you will be moving to a new city where others may have to commute further than they previously did. The best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to make sure your employees get plenty of notice ahead of time. You can even give them a say in what happens next. Ask for suggestions as far as layout and design—even location if you haven’t chosen a spot just yet. When you open up these channels of communication, you might find that your employees are responsive and excited about this transition.

Keep Budget in Mind

Building a new office, particularly a large one, can absolutely take its toll on your company financially. Take a look at your financial state, and do some math about your ROI when you move. Don’t be shy about contacting different contractors and asking how much it will be to build the features you feel your business needs. Likewise, consider your current technology. An office move is a great reason to upgrade your technology. Making these transitions during a move is much easier than moving over the old items, buying new, and getting rid of the old as time goes on.

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Once your new office is chosen, it’s time to contact the office movers from Washington Express Movers! We can move everything you need for you, as well as help you set it up when we arrive at your new office destination. Even if you need commercial storage space for a little while, we can help with that too. Choose your one-stop-shop for all things moving, and reach out to our team today! We look forward to working with you.